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Paket Belajar Latihan Vokal

Setiap orang pasti suka bernyanyi, jika ada bakat tentu akan menjadi penyanyi terkenal tetapi jika tidak ada bakat bolehlah tetap bernyanyi meski hanya di kamar mandi :).

Tentu tidak, karena bernyanyi tidak hanya mengeluarkan suara, namun ada teknik-teknik yang harus dipelajari untuk dapat bernyanyi dengan baik dan enak didengar. Orang yang terlahir dengan bakat suara bagus pun belum tentu suaranya enak didengar tanpa menguasai teknik-teknik olah vokal.

Materi 1 : Vocal Coach Warm Up, Breathing, and Expanding Your Range
Learn to breath sounds funny doesnt it? But how we breathe affects how we sing. Vocal Coach Complete Breathing offers simple exercises to develop good breathing habits. First you must warm up your vocal cords before you start making demands, and Vocal Coach Complete Warm Up will get you off to a good start. Discover your full vocal range. Smooth out those breaks and rough spots. Get connected from top to you feel limited in your vocal range? Does your throat tighten as you sing higher or sometimes break or crack? Here is a chance to discover and utilize your full vocal range. Vocal Coach Complete Expanding Your Range will give you good exercises to help maximize your range from top to bottom. Be the best you can be and enjoy all your voice has to offer.

YOU WILL Learn how to control your breathing. Make your voice richer and more resonant. Increase your range and hit great high notes. Connect with your audience emotionally. Improve your pitch and always sing in tune.

Materi 4 : Singing Voice Lessons Learn to sing like a star
You will learn a variety of breathing exercises involving the expansion of the diaphragm (the partition of muscles and tendons between the chest and abdominal cavity). Vocal Register (Range) You will learn to identify your vocal range by singing in a comfortable tone. You will also have the ability to sing in a variety of vocal ranges as you experiment from the low voice to the high voice (ie. from alto to soprano, and bass to tenor). Vocal Placement and Style. You will learn about various vocal placements in regard to vocal resonance. You will also learn how to incorporate these exercises to suit your vocal style. Various Scale Exercises You will learn a variety of vocal exercises designed to increase your range and develop greater breath practicing this method, you will develop your voice to ultimately suite yourself. You will learn that by singing comfortably in any given style, you will become a better singer. With constant practice and dedication, you will develop confidence in your vocal sound and become the best singer you can be!

Materi 6 : Vocal Awareness
Transform and gain perfect command of your voice in just minutes a day with this holistic DVD study program for integrating the voice into total mind/body wellness. Developed by Arthur Joseph, M.A., vocal coach to the stars, this system will build self-confidence and self-esteem, and foster effective communication. Uncover your voices relationship to body, mind and spirit and learn dozens of exercises to connect with your feelings and dramatically enhance vocal performance. 99 minutes.

Materi 8 : Singing! Basic Vocal Technique by Penny Nichole
This course will benefit anyone who likes to sing! Whether it's rock and roll, bluegrass, folk, pop or show tunes, these lessons are guaranteed to increase your vocal range, tone, power and stamina.

Materi 9 : Brett Manning's Singing Success

Train with Brett Manning, Americas most sought-after vocal coach, in the comfort of your own home. This systematic vocal training program will literally transform the way you sing. In addition to a stronger, healthier voice, youll soon have a commercially viable sound that will get you noticed! In fact, most students are able to sing a full octave higher in the very first week! The program comes complete with 12 CDs, a DVD, and a workbook. Each CD contains simple exercises that will quickly expand your vocal range, as well as advanced instruction for long term development. Prepare to be amazed at the sound of your own voice!

Finally Hear and See Lip Rolls Done Right
Amazingly enough, even some of our best students still have trouble performing lip rolls correctly. Going by our teaching experience you may not be either. Find out what YOU are doing wrong or right once and for all.

Finally Hear and See Lip Rolls Done Right
Amazingly enough, even some of our best students still have trouble performing lip rolls correctly. Going by our teaching experience you may not be either. Find out what YOU are doing wrong or right once and for all.

Materi 13 : Zen of Screaming DVD + Scream Extra Mp3 by Melissa Cross
The first of its kind, this DVD offers comprehensive but easy-to-follow vocal instruction and information, plus step by step exercises. Convenient menus allow you to navigate easily and effectively through the 30+ segments. The instruction includes invaluable tips on vocal maintenance, actual vocal cord footage, and explicit and helpful animations which illustrate and illuminate the specific vocal exercises. Interspersed is exclusive backstage and performance footage of todays most exciting artists, with candid offstage interviews and opportunities to see these artists actually working in-studio with Melissa.
Featured vocalists include Andrew W.K., Lamb of Gods D. Randall Blythe, Shadows Falls Brian Fair, Every Time I Dies Keith Buckley, God Forbids Byron Davis, Melissa Auf der Maur and more!

<span style="\\&quot;color:" rgb(118,="" 121,="" 123);="" font-family:="" "helvetica="" neue",="" helvetica,="" arial,="" cantarell,="" sans-serif;\\"="">Explore the harmonies, melodies, rhythms, counter-melodies and vocal styles of 20 songs from the African American singing tradition. This four CD course is perfect for individuals, choirs, church, camp, and community groups or friends of any background who want to participate in a unique and uplifting musical activity. Anyone who loves to sing will be thrilled by the depth and range of the material taught here!

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